Selected abstracts for 7th BSC 2018

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First Phase List

Physical Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-PS-SI-144 Nazia Parveen Oral
2 BSC18-PS-RI-130 Syed Irtaza Hussain Poster
3 BSC18-PS-RI-119 Archana Oral
4 BSC18-PS-SI-456 Amit Kumar Oral
5 BSC18-PS-RI-361 Bhrigu Nath Prasad Oral
6 BSC18-PS-RI-464 Arun Kumar Sah Oral
7 BSC18-PS-PI-452 Dr. Hamid Kafeel Oral
8 BSC18-PS-SI-109 Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh Oral
9 BSC18-PS-PI-153 Gauri Shankar Oral
10 BSC18-PS-PI-234 Rajendra Prasad Oral
11 BSC18-PS-RI-114 Chandni Verma Oral
12 BSC18-PS-RI-402 Areeba Fatima Oral
13 BSC18-PS-SI-142 Amit Sharma Poster
14 BSC18-PS-RI-228 Raj Kishore Kumar Poster
15 BSC18-PS-RI-137 Anil Kumar Lal Das Poster
16 BSC18-PS-RI-136 Niranjan Kumar Poster
17 BSC18-PS-RI-123 Tajinder Kaur Poster
18 BSC18-PS-RI-125 Santosh Kumar Poster
19 BSC18-PS-PI-184 Anand Mohan Poster
20 BSC18-PS-SI-454 Pawan Kumar Oral
21 BSC18-PS-SI-453 Mirza Layquat Ali Poster
22 BSC18-PS-SI-427 Anubhav Kumar Poster
23 BSC18-PS-SI-428 Rakesh Kumar Ray Poster
24 BSC18-PS-SI-411 Pushpam Bharti Poster
25 BSC18-PS-SI-265 Sujeet Kumar Poster
26 BSC18-PS-SI-263 Manish Kumar Poster
27 BSC18-PS-SI-222 Vikki Kumar Singh Poster
28 BSC18-PS-SI-215 Chandan Kumar Jha Poster
29 BSC18-PS-SI-196 Abhishek Rathaur Poster
30 BSC18-PS-SI-386 Ranjan Kumar Poster
31 BSC18-PS-SI-258 Sekh Afsana Parvin Md Faiyaz Poster
32 BSC18-PS-SI-111 Suryakant Kumar Poster
33 BSC18-PS-SI-410 Shikha Swaroop Poster

24x7 Energy  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-ST24×7E-RI-122 Amber Jabeen Oral
2 BSC18-ST24×7E-SI-112 Ashish Kumar Poster
3 BSC18-ST24×7E-RI-213 Asha Sinha Oral
4 BSC18-ST24X7E-RI-437 Syed Irfanur Rahman Oral
5 BSC18-ST24X7E-SI-372 Ritu Raj Poster
6 BSC18-ST24X7E-SI-394 Vivek Vansal Poster

Chemical Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-CS-RI-107 Vijay Kumar Poster
2 BSC18-CS-RI-272 Dr. Renu Bala Oral
3 BSC18-CS-PI-277 Dr. J. K. Singh Oral
4 BSC18-CS-PI-285 Monika Singh Oral
5 BSC18-CS-PI-313 Dr. Reena Kumari Poster
6 BSC18-CS-PI-322 Budhdeo Gautam Oral
7 BSC18-CS-PI-327 Dr. Dimple Kumari Oral
8 BSC18-CS-RI-220 Archana Kumari Oral
9 BSC18-CS-RI-135 Atul Kumar Poster
10 BSC18-CS-PI-354 Dr. Mrinal Chandra Poster
11 BSC18-CS-PI-344 Dr. Deewan Akram Oral
12 BSC18-CS-RI-266 Satyendra Sharma Poster
13 BSC18-CS-RI-306 Deepak Kumar Poster
14 BSC18-CS-RI-303 Naresh Kumar Mirdha Poster
15 BSC18-CS-RI-316 Dr. Jai Prakash Kumar Poster
16 BSC18-CS-RI-315 Amit Kumar Poster
17 BSC18-CS-PI-104 Ujjawal kumar Bhagat Poster
18 BSC18-CS-PI-425 Syed Rashiduddin Haider Oral
19 BSC18-CS-SI-407 Md. Afzal Husain Poster
20 BSC18-CS-SI-414 Manish Kumar Pathak Poster
21 BSC18-CS-SI-369 Aditya Jha Poster
22 BSC18-CS-SI-242 Dipty Kumari Poster
23 BSC18-CS-SI-154 Bulu Kumar Singh Poster

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-BB-RI-287 Priti Kumari Oral
2 BSC18-BB-PI-208 Jitendra Kumar Poster
3 BSC18-BB-RI-105 Tahzeeb Bano Poster
4 BSC18-BB-RI-110 Priyanka Poster
5 BSC18-BB-RI-230 Sweta Sinha Oral
6 BSC18-BB-RI-120 Nikhat Parween Oral
7 BSC18-BB-RI-121 Dr. Sushila Kumari Oral
8 BSC18-BB-RI-218 Richa Pandey Oral
9 BSC18-BB-RI-259 Kumari Puja Oral
10 BSC18-BB-RI-294 Harish Kumar Oral
11 BSC18-BB-RI-297 Satyamvada Swayamprabha Oral
12 BSC18-BB-RI-342 Pallavi Singh Oral
13 BSC18-BB-RI-124 Arti Kumari Poster
14 BSC18-BB-RI-260 Madhavi Rashmi Poster
15 BSC18-BB-RI-298 Pramod kumar Poster
16 BSC18-BB-RI-368 Sonsy Poster
17 BSC18-BB-RI-406 Saumya Snehee Poster
18 BSC18-BB-RI-415 Basant Kumar Sharma Poster
19 BSC18-BB-SI-421 Smriti Singh Poster
20 BSC18-BB-SI-423 Swadha Kumari Poster
21 BSC18-BB-SI-417 Nivesh Kumar Poster
22 BSC18-BB-SI-418 Shreyansh Poster
23 BSC18-BB-SI-419 Aman Anand Poster
24 BSC18-BB-SI-420 Anil Kumar Poster
25 BSC18-BB-SI-412 Muddassir Reyaz Poster
26 BSC18-BB-SI-409 Mamta Kumari Poster
27 BSC18-BB-SI-381 Shikha Bharti Poster
28 BSC18-BB-SI-290 Ankush Raj Poster
29 BSC18-BB-SI-245 Arya Raj Poster
30 BSC18-BB-SI-247 Aniket Kumar Poster
31 BSC18-BB-SI-248 Supriya Kumari Poster
32 BSC18-BB-SI-264 Asfa Iftekhar Poster
33 BSC18-BB-SI-251 Saurav Kumar Poster
34 BSC18-BB-SI-252 Vikash Kumar Poster
35 BSC18-BB-SI-253 Nitish Kumar Poster

Earth & Environmental Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-EES-RI-149 Ravindra kumar singh Oral
2 BSC18-EES-RI-151 R.K. Singh Oral
3 BSC18-EES-RI-134 Md. Yasir Ahmad Poster
4 BSC18-EES-RI-152 Dr. Ravindra Kumar Singh Oral
5 BSC18-EES-RI-186 Garima Choudhary Oral
6 BSC18-EES-PI-337 Dr. Anil Kumar Singh Oral
7 BSC18-EES-RI-304 Nishant Prakash Oral
8 BSC18-EES-RI-308 Dr Manish Kumar Oral
9 BSC18-EES-RI-340 Pushpa Kumari Sharma Oral
10 BSC18-EES-RI-343 Ritu Kumari Oral
11 BSC18-EES-RI-363 Dinesh Kumar Oral
12 BSC18-EES-SI-365 Virender Kumar Oral
13 BSC18-EES-SI-250 Anuj Prakash Oral
14 BSC18-EES-SI-393 Vishal Patel Oral
15 BSC18-EES-SI-388 Priya Ranjan Poster
16 BSC18-EES-SI-243 Saema Jabeen Poster
17 BSC18-EES-SI-366 Virender Kumar Poster
18 BSC18-EES-SI-367 Vishal Patel Poster

Health Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-HS-RI-183 Afsana Begum Oral
2 BSC18-HS-RI-341 Naman Kumar Naik Oral
3 BSC18-HS-SI-279 BabitaKumari Oral
4 BSC18-HS-SI-283 Ranjeet Kumar Kushwaha Oral
5 BSC18-HS-SI-282 Babita Kumari Oral
6 BSC18-HS-SI-286 Jai Prakash Oral
7 BSC18-HS-SI-255 Jai prakash Oral
8 BSC18-HS-SI-274 Sanjiv Kumar Oral
9 BSC18-HS-SI-275 Anuradha Lakshmi Oral
10 BSC18-HS-SI-288 Sumit kumar Oral
11 BSC18-HS-SI-429 Meenakshi Kumari Oral

Mathematical Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BS18-MS-RI-209 Dhananjay Kumar Mishra Oral
2 BS18-MS-RI-206 Mantu Kumar Oral
3 BS18-MS-RI-161 Surendra Kumar Prabhakar Oral
4 BS18-MS-RI-159 Pankaj Kumar Pandey Oral
5 BS18-MS-RI-156 Pravin Kumar Oral
6 BS18-MS-RI-158 Manoj Kumar Santoshi Oral
7 BS18-MS-PI-438 Dr. Shashi Shekhar Kumar Singh Oral
8 BS18-MS-RI-310 Satish Kumar Oral
9 BS18-MS-RI-299 Vinod Kumar Yadav Poster
10 BS18-MS-RI-309 Shambhu kumar Poster
11 BS18-MS-RI-317 Santosh Kumar Poster
12 BS18-MS-RI-319 Sanjay Kumar Suman Poster
13 BS18-MS-RI-397 Rajnish Kumar Singh Poster
14 BS18-MS-RI-440 Rani Kumari Poster
15 BS18-MS-SI-296 RAvi Ranjan Oral

Animal Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-AS-PI-116 Dr. Md. Samia Oral
2 BSC18-AS-PI-118 Dr. Ravindra kumar Sharma Oral
3 BSC18-AS-RI-148 Kumari Uma Oral
4 BSC18-AS-RI-157 Dr. Prof. R. P. Singh Oral
5 BSC18-AS-RI-164 S.M. Mahboob Hassan Oral
6 BSC18-AS-RI-280 Saneha Kumari Oral
7 BSC18-AS-RI-350 Dr. Asit Kumar Oral
8 BSC18-AS-SI-339 Dr.Bhagwan Mishra Oral
9 BSC18-AS-SI-360 Dr.Bhagwan Mishra Oral
10 BSC18-AS-PI-170 Rajesh Kumar Sinha Poster
11 BSC18-AS-RI-101 Dinesh Singh Poster
12 BSC18-AS-RI-103 Guddi Kumari Poster
13 BSC18-AS-RI-139 Ravindra Kr. Singh Oral
14 BSC18-AS-RI-173 Aphsha Bano Poster
15 BSC18-AS-RI-182 Shahana Perveen Poster
16 BSC18-AS-RI-241 Mithilesh Kumar Singh Poster
17 BSC18-AS-RI-321 Surendra Singh Poster
18 BSC18-AS-RI-362 Amit Kumar Solanki Poster
19 BSC18-AS-PI-155 Dr. Randhir Kumar Oral
20 BSC18-AS-SI-382 Shrinkhala Kumari Poster
21 BSC18-AS-SI-364 Puja Vishwas Poster
22 BSC18-AS-SI-360 Payal Sinha Poster
23 BSC18-AS-SI-359 Amrita Jaiswal Poster
24 BSC18-AS-SI-339 Bhagwan Mishra Poster
25 BSC18-AS-SI-347 Priyanka Kumari Poster
26 BSC18-AS-SI-348 Renu Kumari Poster
27 BSC18-AS-SI-326 Anushka Kumari Poster
28 BSC18-AS-SI-324 Anjali Kumari Poster
29 BSC18-AS-SI-305 Renu Kumari Poster
30 BSC18-AS-SI-292 Aarti Kumari Poster
31 BSC18-AS-SI-233 Nishu Kumari Poster
32 BSC18-AS-SI-273 Shobha Kumari Poster

Plant sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-PLS-RI-214 Priyanka Poster
2 BSC18-PLS-RI-217 Pushpa Kumari Oral
3 BSC18-PLS-RI-227 Pratima Kumari Poster
4 BSC18-PLS-RI-236 Devendra Prasad Yadav Poster
5 BSC18-PLS-SI-128 Radha Tyagi Oral
6 BSC18-PLS-RI-108 Ayesha Fatima Oral
7 BSC18-PLS-PI-353 Pushpa Singh Oral
8 BSC18-PLS-RI-240 Anamika Kumari Oral
9 BSC18-PLS-RI-269 Isha Gaurav Oral
10 BSC18-PLS-RI-430 Ragini Kumari Oral
11 BSC18-PLS-SI-352 Dr.Bhagwan Mishra Oral
12 BSC18-PLS-RI-271 Nand Kishor Verma Poster
13 BSC18-PLS-RI-334 Shweta Singh Poster
14 BSC18-PLS-SI-244 Suniti Sinha Poster
15 BSC18-PLS-SI-257 Anju Bala Poster
16 BSC18-PLS-SI-276 Lal Krishna Poster
17 BSC18-PLS-SI-295 Indrajeet Kumar Poster
18 BSC18-PLS-SI-449 Satyendra Kumar Suman Poster
19 BSC18-PLS-SI-448 Priyanka Kumari Poster
20 BSC18-PLS-SI-434 Ashish Kumar Poster
21 BSC18-PLS-SI-422 Naureen Poster
22 BSC18-PLS-SI-41 Sushila Kumari Poster
23 BSC18-PLS-SI-387 Krishna Kumar Poster
24 BSC18-PLS-SI-400 Shweta Kumari Poster
25 BSC18-PLS-SI-384 Rahul Raj Poster
26 BSC18-PLS-SI-358 Rabindra Kumar Singh Poster
27 BSC18-PLS-SI-357 Kalyani Pathak Poster
28 BSC18-PLS-SI-356 Surabhi Rai Poster
29 BSC18-PLS-SI-352 Yashaswi Navshree Poster
30 BSC18-PLS-SI-291 Naureen Poster
31 BSC18-PLS-SI-284 Dr.Santwana Rani Poster
32 BSC18-PLS-SI-267 Anjali Kumari Poster
33 BSC18-PLS-SI-256 Anju Bala Poster
34 BSC18-PLS-SI-257 Anamika Poster
35 BSC18-PLS-SI-254 Shiv Kumar Sahu Poster
36 BSC18-PLS-SI-249 Tridha Kumari Poster
37 BSC18-PLS-SI-237 Ajay Pandey Poster
38 BSC18-PLS-SI-239 Sekh Farzana Parvin Md Faiyaz Poster
39 BSC18-PLS-SI-238 Farha Naaz Poster
40 BSC18-PLS-SI-246 Ankit Anand Poster
41 BSC18-PLS-SI-232 Shruti Kumari Poster
42 BSC18-PLS-SI-223 Indradeo Mandal Poster
43 BSC18-PLS-SI-413 Suman Anand Poster
44 BSC18-PLS-RI-446 Syed Mohammad Minhajul Hassan Oral
45 BSC18-PLS-RI-396 Jitendra Kumar Oral

Water Resource Management  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-ST-WRM-PI-349 Arvind Kumar Nag Oral
2 BSC18-ST-WRM-RI-278 Sahzad Alam Poster

Ethical Issues  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-ST-EI-RI-465 Praksh Kumar Oral

Computer Science & Information Technology  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-CSIT-RI-131 Surjeet Kumar Poster


Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC181-PSY-RI-195 Aparna Das Oral
2 BSC181-PSY-RI-189 Suman Kumari Oral
3 BSC181-PSY-RI-169 Soni Kumari Oral
4 BSC181-PSY-RI-141 Swati Shikha Oral
5 BSC181-PSY-RI-289 Kalpana Kumari Oral

Electronics & Electrical technology  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC18-EET-SI-133 Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Prasad Oral

Medical Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks

Nano technology  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks


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