Presenter Guidelines

For Oral Presentation:

1. Prepare your presentation preferably in computer projection format (MsPower point or PDF slides presentable through LCD projector).

2. Alternatively, slide projector and overhead projector will also be made available for presentation made through Micro slides or Transparencies.

3. There will be 15 minutes allowed for each oral presentation (including Q & A).

4. Bring your presentation in CD-ROM or USB drive (pen drive).

5. Be sure to check and arrange your presentation material in advance at the conference venue.

6. Institutional or company logos may appear only on title slide.


For Poster Presentation:

1. Each presenter will be provided space of 36 inches wide and 60 inches long to fix the poster. Each board will be numbered on the upper left corner. Be sure you place your presentation on the board number for your poster that appears in the final program of the conference.

2. Please provide your stationary, including pushpins and tapes to mount your poster.

3. Bring your poster as one page printout or multiple pages print out.

4. The title banner should be large. Lettering should be 60 pt. bold. The banner should include the author(s) and affiliation(s). One company or institutional LOGO may appear in the title only. Logos appearing anywhere else in the poster will be removed or covered.

5. Use font such as arial or times new roman or helvetica in a minimum size of 24 pt. Text, figures and photographs should be readable from a distance of 3-4 feet.

6. Large format printouts of posters should be portrait format of a size to fill the available space. Please leave some space as margin for board.

7. Be simple and direct in your poster presentation. Use short phrases and “bulleted” text throughout the poster. Avoid long narrative paragraphs. The posters should be organized to include the following elements:

Introduction: A concise statement of the objective and background of the work.

Methods: Description of the apparatus, chemistry, samples, materials, etc. in some, but not overwhelming detail.

Results: Graphs, spectra, charts, pictures, etc., with a minimum of text to illustrate the nature of the results.

Conclusions: Concise statement of the findings (positive, as well as negative), indicating future research directions.

Layout: Arrange the poster panels or printout for logical flow from top left to lower right of the board.

 NOTE: The duration of Keynote speech will be 30 minutes (including Q &A). Other guidelines are same as the general presenter.

Download here for ideas for improving Poster Presentation.